Homeless Lady: ‘Somebody Needs To Pay For My 15 Kids’

Adam Corolla says an attitude shift has taken place in the USA.  Adam warns parents and teachers are rewarding kids artificially, despite real achievement - imprinting false success.

As young adults these 'kids' are doomed to feel entitled to a little trophy, over-paying job, perfect mate, fast cars and expensive houses. 

A homeless woman with 15 kids has demanded 'somebody' needs to pay for her and her kids because she 'deserves' to be fed, housed, and provided free medical care. That's the insidious message Democrats spew to bribe for votes.

The "entitlement" society has arrived.  And it's tearing the country apart.  The old work ethic is gone, and the pride that goes with it, also gone.  A crippling, dysfunctional disease of bad attitude has wiped out a generation.

Want proof?  Witness the debtor nations brought down by social welfare, and the 'wealth-transferring' corrupt, paternalistic, irresponsible governments elected by those looking for the handouts.  Obama's presidency is a text-book copy of Europe's socialist collapse in the making..