Women Want Funny Men

Stanford University School of Medicine scanned the brains of 22 girls and boys aged 6 to 13 watching funny videos.

'Our data for the first time disclose that sex differences in humor appreciation already exist in young children.'. During funny clips, girls brains showed more heightened activity than the boys' in a range of in their midbrain and amygdala.

The research suggests women are suceptable to selecting a mate based on humor, 'because the female brain, and particularly the reward circuit, is biologically better prepared to respond accordingly'.  Yikes, med speak sorta takes the funny out of it, huh folks?

Stanford conclude women use a man's ability to make them laugh as a way to judge his genetic fitness as a suitable partner and potential father.

Translated, Stanford says women have evolved to laugh like hell at practically anything, and men have evolved into ass-clowns in a desperate attempt to trick women into bed..

If true, Borat must have 10,000 kids hiding in the open somewhere.

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