Electrician Electrocuted On An Aluminum Ladder

Jens Gardner, of Grand Prairie, Texas, a licensed electrician, was adjusting the Christmas lights on a commercial building when he started to teeter on a 40ft aluminum ladder.

Gardener was 'walking' the extension ladder when it swung backward onto nearby 22k high-voltage lines - grounding and frying him instantly.

Larry Layman heard a loud pop, 'I looked over and there was a puff of smoke and I saw the ladder as it was still falling...I just wanted to cry, there was nothing I could do for the man'.

What happened? In hindsight, Mr. Gardner did it to himself

Electricity will conduct in most metals with various losses of efficiency.  Aluminum is no exception. Never, repeat, ever work around electricity with an aluminum ladder, or use tools not properly insulated..

Get a commercial quality, fiberglass Type I, or II in either extension, or folding ladder.

Ladder accidents maim and kill more people than any other tool accident. Ladder manufacturers put warning labels on every square inch of their products - usually ignored by people who later sue when they abuse their proper use.

Ladders don't kill people, people kill themselves being dumbasses.