Mayor Bill de Blasio Kills Carriage Horses

Bill de Blasio is an egg-sucking liberal already providing tons of turvy headlines as NYC mayor elect.  The goofy socialist lined up the impeached Bill Clinton to swear him in already making a laughing-stock out of his election.

Even before de Blasio sits his fat ass down in the mayor's chair he's making good on a campaign promise to call for the demise of over 200 horses and their carriages operating in Central Park since 1860.

De Blasio is backed by PETA who says it’s inhumane to make the horses work the city streets.  Yet drivers insist their horses are well cared for and there’s no reason to end the industry. 

So what does de Blasio need to do to kill the jobs and destroy a 154-year-old tradition on the USA's oldest public park?  Kill the horses of course.

Remember, Obama signed the horse slaughtering law a year ago, so the animals will no doubt be jammed onto a rail car and shipped to New Mexico where the slaughterhouses just opened up.

Liberal's twisted idea of what's humane usually results in something being destroyed.  Right folks?

NYC Carriage Tours
Obama's Slaughtering Horses Order
de Blasio Wants Woman To Run Fire Dept
NM Slaughterhouse Opening On Hold

Naked Guy Yells 'Bingo' In A Bingo Parlor

The Angle's closing in on it's fourth year of blathering, blogging and bringing the baloney life oozes daily.  It seems fitting and proper to end the year with a pair of stories each illustrating the depths of despair humanity always achieves at this time of year.

Helen Williams has a bad temper.  The Charleston, SC woman came home Christmas Eve kinda extra pissie and was apparently in no mood to finish the evening without a beer.  A 'man' who remains unnamed and is somehow connected to Helen got an ugly surprise when he returned from the store.

After giving the bad news to Helen that he couldn't get beer because no stores were open on Christmas Eve the 'man' was beaten and stabbed with a ceramic squirrel.  Helen told the cops the guy fell and hurt himself.  But that didn't explain why Helen was covered in blood too - so Helen spent Christmas in jail charged with criminal domestic violence and assault with a clay squirrel.

Bingo isn't supposed to be a contact sport but apparently Deharra Waters didn't get the memo. The cops arrested Deharra at the New Silver Heights Bingo hall in Louisville, KY after he ran through the bingo hall with his pants down screaming "Bingo."  Waters was taken downtown and charged with disorderly conduct, alcohol intoxication and failure to collect a bingo prize while fully clothed and composed.

Some people just can't seem to handle the merriment and mirth that is supposed to be the holiday season - wuddya gonna do?

Democrats Play Impeachment Card

How desperate are the Democrats getting in the face of the ObamaCare debacle?  Well, they're trying to dress up the pig with a pretty pink bow and call it a thing of beauty.  Anyone surprised?

But what's next when ObamaCare takes the Democrats down in the 2014 elections?

Given Obama's reckless and irresponsible tenure in office is there also room for the stinky sulfur smelling word Impeachment with just two years left in his reign? Why bother, there's just two years left and wouldn't Obama be an even bigger fool trying to bypass the newly minted GOP majorities in congress?

The wolf-crying, false flag waving Democrats know people will be repulsed by any talk of impeachment. So what are they doing to try to save congress from a mass firing of their party members?  Cry impeachment of course.

The DNC sent out a paranoid (and intentional) email yesterday scaring supporters into voting for Democrats so that (in the Democrats words) Republicans can’t impeach Obama.

“Show these Republicans that they are way, way off-base, and give President Obama a Congress that has his back,” chirps the "Impeachment" entitled email.

The Democrats have been successful in scaring and lying to people up until now.  Will they be able to do it again in the face of Obama's signature failure - ObamaCare?

MSNBC’s Dyson: ‘...Duck Dynasty Part of Majority White Supremacist Culture’

Rabbi Sued After Snipping Off Penis During Bris

Pittsburgh Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg is also a mohel.  A mohel is the guy you call when you want your newborn Jewish boy to get his foreskin snipped.

Many think Jews originated the idea but the ancient peoples of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia were lopping off penis hoodies long before the Hebrew Maimonides' principles of faith came along.

Still, for Jews the ceremony is special.  Aside from losing a chunk of his future manhood, the baby also gets a Hebrew name often selected from among dead relatives. So from something small a big thing happens.  Mozel Tov!

Why all the fuss over a little foreskin?  Well just after Rabbi Rosenberg arrived at Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill he lifted the tiny member and started to work when something went sideways, literally.

A lawsuit claims Mordechai clipped off the whole thing, foreskin and penis both.  The baby was rushed to Children’s Hospital, where doctors performed emergency microsurgery.  Instead of the fifteen minutes the mohel normally takes, eight hours was needed to undo the damage.

The baby required six blood transfusions and hospitalization for nearly two months. Penis and boy are said to be doing well, though.

Rabbi 'Shaky The Mohel' Rosenberg acknowledges this as a “tragic accident” and a “horrible situation.” And continues to do circumcisions. Next...

Top Twelve Obama Fails For 2013

 Obama's riding low on his signature failure - ObamaCare.  But the failure-in-chief never goes down alone.  He's a blamer and he's a back-stabber.

Remember when Obama...
  1. Blamed the Secret Service for cancelled White House tours
  2. Blamed acting IRS head Steve Miller for going after the Tea Party
  3. Fired Ben Bernanke saying "...he’s already stayed a lot longer than he...was supposed to"
  4. First backed then blamed Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood after military took them out
  5. Backstabbed fund raiser Anna Wintour who didn't get her ambassadorship
  6. Blocked veterans from their memorials during the Democrat's government shutdown
  7. Hung Dick Durbin out to dry over the Obama 'can't stand to look at the GOP' remark
  8. The Big 'you can keep your doctor and insurance' Lie
  9. Backstabbed Israel with the 'deal of the century' with Iran that took a week to unravel
  10. The Syria two-step calls yet another Obama bluff
  11. The Billion Buck broken website black hole
  12. Violates 4th amendment collecting every cell-phone call in the universe
That's just 2013.  Next brace for 2014 and the full blossom of ObamaCare and Iran's nukes among other goodies.  Oh joy...

Obama Skips Church On Christmas Day Despite Claiming To Be Christian

    Liberals Are Born Not Made

    Brain scans achieve 90% accuracy pinpointing political bias.  Why?  The gene lottery.

    Left-wingers use the left insula, a region associated with an emotional, disassembled, ill-logical and irrational bias.

    Right-wingers use the right amygdala, a region associated with logic, rationality, and base instincts.

    Left-wingers see right amygdala people as brutal, lacking compassion, fear oriented and reactionary.

    Right-wingers see left insula people as chaotic compulsives, frail-fantasy driven superficials, prone to drug use, narcissism, and a proclivity to make factless pronouncements and messy interpretations.

    In short, each views the other with appropritate suspicion and disdain. Why not, they are coming from opposite regions of the brain. Liberals are genetically defective - a single gene may be the culprit.

    Ya gotta pity the poor turd whose brain is split twixt the two.  Sitting in no-mans land inside a head squeezed by the factions we all affectionately know as the right and left wing.

    Liberal And Conservative Brains

    Eight Ways To Opt Out Of ObamaCare

    ObamaCare's in your face now.   Private health care is being replaced with low quality high costs government run death panels and IRS enforcement. 

    But until the GOP can regain control of the government and do what they were trying to do before this thing got born the  'Affordable Care Act' is trying to make your life unaffordable.

    So what are you gonna do about it? Ya gonna just sit and bitch?  Ya gonna just take it?  Well...

    Here are 8 ways you could avoid or blunt the impact of the fiasco:
    1. Health Care Sharing Ministry - voluntary and charitable everyone shares their expenses.
    2. Buy a short term health policy on a year-by-year basis.  These are exempt from ObamaCare.
    3. Buy a tailored plan with a fixed-benefit, critical illness, or accident only also exempt.
    4. Use a cash-only doctor or retail healthcare clinic.
    5. Sign-up for telemedicine care.
    6. Always use generic prescriptions - ObamaCare has no drug coverage at all, remember.
    7. Need surgery - hospitals charge less for 'package' deals.
    8. Still need surgery - hospitals will cut a deal for cash customers.

    Remember, you voted for it and now have to take it to the dance - braces and corsage and all.  Got buyers remorse?  Tough.

    ObamaCare Fee Hikes In 2014

    MSNBC Tells Blacks How To Christmas Shop

    Touré Neblett is a self-describe music critic co-hosting The Cycle on MSNBC.  Sure it's just another show with no audience, but when guys like Touré open pie-hole and spit-out the race card it's kinda fun to explore the gooey mess.

    Touré took the air Monday and gave advise to other blacks on how to go Christmas shopping.  The subtext of his remarks, of course, black profiling.  Stores sorta really don't like shoplifting and fighting in the ailes.

    Turns out much of his advise is pretty accurate and would serve blacks well had they tuned in to hear the goon gurgle.

    Touré says 'African-Americans' can avoid the “shop-and-frisk” by making themselves appear “non-threatening.”  Methods might include dressing well, waving to security cameras, speaking articulately, shaking security guards’ hands, and, if possible, bringing a white friend (though not an attractive white girl if you’re a black male).

    Touré says all of that is to  “mollify” the shop owners and warns, whatever you do, “Please don’t mention the FBI’s statistics of larceny arrests that show that 68% were arrests of white folks, 29% were of black folks."

    The problem?  The FBI stats don't show that whites commit more larceny (or crime) than blacks.  In fact, the stats clearly show that blacks commit the majority of violent and property crimes (per capita) than any other group.  And the stats show that 60% of prison inmates nationwide are black despite blacks making up about 12% of the general population.

    So why shouldn't blacks dress and speak well?  Why not go shopping and behave?  Wouldn't that be novel, Touré?

    Girlfriend Beater Gets Homework Assignment

    Pacer Anthony Ferguson is a 27-year-old convicted felon an animal and a coward. 

    Ferguson confessed in court that he smashed his girlfriend's face during an argument, fracturing her skull in three places. The woman required a permanent mesh titanium plate to repair the damage.

    The  jury convicted Ferguson of misdemeanor assault but let him off on the more serious crime of felony aggravated assault and witness tampering which would have put him away for 100 years.

    The judge could only give Ferguson a maximum sentence of six months in county jail. But he also ordered the creature to write “boys do not hit girls” 5,000 times.

    Ferguson's been in and out trouble since age 14 for a range of offenses including killing a man when he and another teen release a railroad car as a 'prank.'

    Ferguson was out of jail on probation for a 2003 knife-point attempted robbery when he brutalized his girlfriend.  As Ferguson stood before District Judge G. Todd Baugh once again for the probation violation the judge, rather than release him for good behavior, swiftly sentenced him to a fresh 8-year prison sentence.

    Ironic huh?  Here's a brute that nearly kills his girlfriend and gets a paltry 6-months county jail time, but ends up doing hard time for violating probation from an earlier crime.  Twisted societal priorities folks.

    Beatdowns Over Air Nike Shoes, Again
    Judge Baugh's Rape Case

    Wife Plants Child Porn On Husband's Computer

    How twisted does one get to cook up a viscous child porn plot against someone once loved?

    Pennsylvanian Meri Jane Woods, 42 collected and piled really nasty child porn images and place them on her estranged husband's computer. She then waited three days to pay the cops a visit and allege her husband sexually abused children and had child porn on his computer. All that was on August 14th.

    The perfect crime? Almost. The malicious woman was about to get away with the dastardly deed when all of it came unraveled. The subsequent police investigation found hard evidence her hubby had left the residence on July 23. The time-stamps on the child porn files were three weeks after the guy had hit the road so he no longer had access to the system.

    Mari Jane Woods was charged with a felony count of the sexual abuse of children for owning a computer covered in child porn. She also got nailed for 40 counts of lying about alleged child abuse.

    Merry Christmas one and all...

    Fat Freak Over Fat Barbie Doll

    The entire world's getting fat.  So companies are accommodating the sloth by catering to the rotund rabble.  How?

    Airlines now have bubble-butt fares, kids clothes are ballooning, and some want Barbie dolls to come not just in race-correct colors but also Shallow Hal chair-bender builds.

    For years Barbie has been this tiny little thing and the food fanatics are none too happy about it.  The bovine crowd say the body image of the thin Barbie falls on the fat like a snowball-sized sack of snot.

    So some want Mattel to consider spreading Barbie out a bit.

    The Facebook group Plus Size Modeling asks: 'Should toy companies start making plus-sized Barbie dolls? In all honesty, we want to know...' The page has gotten 36,000 likes and a smattering of comments complaining that the fat Barbie doll doesn't get the girth of the roly-poly properly.

    Self-described fat person MaryBeth Gafford left this comment: 'The triple chin is too much. Most overweight people (me included) only have a double chin no matter what size they are. This Barbie is inaccurate.'

    Ah, the triple chin is the problem, not the notion that morphing thin Barbie into a grotesque baby blimp is inappropriate. Why not give paunchy prepubescents another way to escape their consequences?

    Hey goons - it's a TOY. Barbie's not meant to be an anatomy class practice dummy.

    Fat People Deaf Threat 
    600LB Teen Can't Wash Herself

    Lesbian Athletic Director Fires Straight Gym Teacher

    Gregory Kenney, 51, was a gym teacher at Trinity School in NYC for 16 years. Then lesbian Pat Krieger became his boss in 2009.

    Kenney was fired in 2012 by Pat Krieger. The male gym teacher says Krieger took an immediately disliking to him and seemed to favor the female gym teachers. He suspected it was because he was a married with kids - you know, he was a traditionally married straight guy with a family.

    Kenney says Krieger piled out-of-contract work on him and when he said he couldn't work the extra hours she turned him into the administration. Kenney said Krieger got the same push-back from a female on her staff but made accommodations for her instead of going to the administration.

    Krieger dug in and went after Kenney's personally according to Kenney accusing him of illegally subletting his apartment and leaving kids unsupervised. The accusations are false Kenney says, but it led to his termination nonetheless. Three other married male gym teachers have also been cut loose.

    Kenney says he was replaced by a lesbian gym teacher!

    Sounds like the 300-year-old private school is gonna lose some cash over this one. Maybe they need to do a little house cleaning in their athletic department too.

    ObamaCare Pitched At Gay Clubs

    Did Beer Create Civilization?

    Did beer create civilization or did civilization create beer?   Is the entire premise of mankind's rise from cave to castle, in fact, little more than chasing a beer buzz?

    The story starts 10,000 years ago around the confluence of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers near Baghdad.  Like Coors in Colorado, it' all about the water, baby.  And that's what's behind the theory bubbling up in archeology circles this week.

    Nutritional properties of beer trumps bread. Aside from the fun beer brings the brew is busting with B vitamins, the essential amino acid lysine and was safer to drink than water as the brewing process killed off bacteria and viruses.

    The theory of beer founding civilization was first bounced around by Middle Eastern pre-history scholar Robert Braidwood at the University of Chicago in the 1950s. But somehow the novel idea got buried in some dusty annal somewhere and fell out of favor.  After all, beer is certainly less heroic than bread.

    It does make sense when matching human behavior to what beer brings...Who in their right mind would give up water buffalo and brisket for a loaf of dried-out, harder than a brick, blunt of mold-ridden worm-laden bread anyway?  Of course beer, what were we thinking?

    Warning: Ransom Virus Holds Data Hostage

    An insidious new kind of virus classified as 'ransomeware' called 'Cryptolocker' is hitting computers worldwide.  And you really don't want to see this thing on your system.

    Cryptolocker is delivered via email.

    Once the email is opened Cryptolocker runs around your disk and encrypts everything not needed to run the operating system.  When the menace finishes you can no longer access any of your files.

    The next insult is a window that pops-up running a countdown clock with the ransom demand.  Purchase a key to get your files back or watch them flush away like a turd in a toilet.  To get the key you are directed to an online virtual currency site where you must buy bitcoins in order to make the key purchase.

    Why bitcoins?  Because bitcoins themselves are an encrypted currency untraceable to anyone buying or accepting them as payment.

    The cops think the scheme is the work of a large well organized and super tech saavy criminal enterprise in Asia or Africa.  So far, these guys are getting away with the extortion undetected.

    NYC Dem Gets Pneumonia Posing As Homeless Guy

    New York has more homeless now than in the entire history of the city.  The place has never seen extremes in wealth versus poverty like today - thanks entirely to Michael Bloomberg and Barak Obama.

    So what does a Democrat politician do to 'feel the pain' of his many constituents doomed to live out in the open?  Why not try to live like them for three days?

    That's what Queens City Council member Ruben Wills did, at least for one day anyway. Then he came down with a case of pneumonia forcing him into a Brooklyn hospital.

    Wills walked into the facility without an ID card or any other proof of insurance - you know as if he were uninsured.  That's how it worked before ObamCare - no one was ever turned away.

    Ruben remains undeterred and vows to return to the subways and public parks and tough it out once and for all! As Ruben insists, "I needed to experience homelessness to really properly advocate for the homeless population,"

    By that lame logic Ruben also needs to get cancer, lose a leg, get mugged, spend a year in jail, get 'knocked-out' by a teen, be foreced onto ObamaCare, and lose his job if he truly wants to 'experience' all that affects those living in his district - right?

    Crusader or clown?  You be the judge...

    Superbug Hiding In Chicken
    City Installs Urine Detectors In Elevators

    Obama’s Half-Brother: ‘Barack Thought I Was Too White’

    Want proof Obama is a racist?  Consider what Barry's half brother had to say about their relationship.

    Obama’s half-brother, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, described his relationship with his brother as “cold” and stated that when the two first met in Kenya in 1988, “Barack thought I was too white, and I thought he was too black.”

    Wonder if Obama remembers this guy? Remember, it took Obama decades and until last week to admit he knew and had lived with his drunk illegal alien uncle Onyango Obama.

    Mark says, "I hope that my brother and I can really hug each other after he's president and we can be a family again."

    Isn't that special?  Obama's shattered and fragmented family divided along race lines?  How can that be? Looks like Mark isn't going to Hawaii for the Christmas clan gathering again this year...

    ObamaCare Revives Reagan Democrats

    Ronald Reagan won by the biggest landslide in US history trouncing Walter Mondale so badly, Mondale could muster just a single electoral vote.  That was 1984 when Mondale had to carry Jimmy Carter's baggage into the election.  Fun year huh?

    History may just repeat itself thanks to Obama and ObamaCare.  How? Reagan's complete rout of Carter and Mondale was made possible by  'Reagan Democrats.'  Democrats helped to elect the greatest president since World War II.

    These Democrats may be coming back now that they've been bitch-slapped by Jimmy Carter Junior - Barry Obama.

    Obama’s lie: “If you like your health plan, you can keep it” has hit the white middle class hardest.  And that's where the white Democrats that voted for Reagan reside.

    Whites are still the majority sporting about 67% of the country. In midterms whites vote at twice the rate as other groups. Just 29% of whites approve of Obama's performance, 85% of blacks still cling to Obama despite their plight.

    The senate is the prize this time. Reid pompously pronounced he will be in charge of the senate through 2021. All of that presumes Democrats retain control of the senate after 2014, and presumes Reid will get reelected and retain control in 2016 too.  Are voters really that naive?  We will see...

    Harry Reid Hospitalized
    14 Illegal Changes To ObamaCare
    Carville: 'I Have Become More Conservative'
    Press Turns On Obama Final Press Conference Before Hawaii
    Obama Repeals Obamacare

    Top Ten Things You Can't Have For Christmas

    Unless you're one of the 1342 billionaires in the USA you can forget getting one of these really neat toys for Christmas.

    Ten titillate trinkets are:

    Really personal jet: The two-seater Saker S-1 has a top speed of Mach one. Loaded cost? A paltry $7 million.

    Ultimate cellphone: The Vertu Ti  is still a cellphone, except it costs $10,000. But the phone comes with a live personal assistant, an all titanium case, and a 4-inch sapphire crystal screen

    Your suit, sir: Juxtopia have a space diving suit (complete with gyroscopic boots and power gloves) that lets you take a leap from edge of space and land pretty much wherever you want. This thing is so cool, the military wants one too. Price unknown.

    Not just any Rolls: The one of a kind Celestial Phantom has a glass-particle exterior paint job, a headliner infused with thousands of fiber optic lights accurately replicating the constellations, and no less than 446 diamonds hand-set into the interior. Oh, and a picnic set is also included sans food for that $500,000 price tag.

    What time is it?: Only 50 Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari's are to be made setting the price at $300,000 each. The watch costs more than the car of the same name. It has so much crap in it, ya gotta go take a look for yourself.

    Poopoo time: The Numi $6,650 toilet is a throne to behold. It has Bluetooth for music, programmable ambient lighting, a bidet, heated seats, foot warmers, custom settings for individual users, a wireless remote (for the OCDers), a USB port for upgrading firmware and the ability to greet users with a personalized message you record.

    Tunes in, turn on: The Opera Only is a 3,307lb 6-foot high monster amplifier putting out 160,000-watts of power. But ya gotta wait 6 months to get one and be ready with $2.2 million.

    Fire the maid, here's your vacuum: The Mab concept, a swarm of 908 solar-powered flying mini robots flying around your house in a clawing cacophonous cleaning frenzy.  The bots find dust using infrared sensors. Once the spherical "home base" death star scans the surrounding area the micro-bots takeoff the job done. You are advised not to be home when this thing activates.

    Portable PC?: The Panasonic Toughpad 4K UT-MB5 has packed 3,840 x 2,560 pixels into a 20-inch IPS Alpha LCD screen. It does weigh a hefty 5.3lbs and costs $6,000 but why not take all of it with you on your Saker S-1.

    Go ahead, make my day: the Fortress is a German vault from Döttling. The guaranteed impenetrable can be configured with a Spanish cedar humidor to ensure your Cuban's don't go stale, and eight watch winders in which to park your Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari. Call for pricing.

    See anything you like? Or are you more concerned you're not among the 1342 that can realistically buy any or all the goodies on the list?

    Spoiled Rich Kid Gets Away With Manslaughter

    "Affluenza," is the psycho-babble defense a psychologist Gary Miller used to argue that a 16-year-old North Texas teenager should not be sent to prison for killing four pedestrians while driving drunk because his parents are wealthy.

    Miller told the judge that the boy's father "does not have relationships, he takes hostages." He said the boy's mother was indulgent: "Her mantra was that if it feels good, do it."  Oh well, then lets reinforce that by letting the kid get away with manslaughter, right?

    The theory, which got the kid just 10 month probation running the four people down, describes a condition in which rich kids have a sense of entitlement, are irresponsible, make excuses for poor behavior, and sometimes dabble in drugs and alcohol. In other words, a license to kill - the spoiled brat defense!

    But not all psychologists agree, Dr. Gary Buffone said, "The defense is laughable, the disposition is horrifying ... not only haven't the parents set any consequences, but it's being reinforced by the judge's actions."

    The defense attorney is rationalizing the sentence by saying that if the kid had gotten a 20-year prison sentence, he would have been released in two years. Under this sentence he remains in the system for 10 years with no time off. Little consolation to the grieving families of course.

    And a terrifying example of a double-standard most will quickly see no doubt. A poor black kid would have gotten a long sentence, this kid is white, rich, and skates. This time, those who say blacks get a raw deal have a point.

    Texas Families Devastated By Verdict 
    Drunk Driver Bought Six-Pack Minutes Before Killing Seven

    Black Student ‘Lynches’ Two White Guys Claims Art Project

    A black Sacramento State University coed is getting spanked for  “lynching” two white men from a tree near campus. Christina Edwards got two white guys to act out the scene using a thick rope and a large Elm tree.

    Edwards defends her self-described 'art' project: “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole." Edwards further insists she got the okay from the school.

    Ehh.. No cigar Christina.

    University President Alexander Gonzalez released this statement: “The university did not approve the display, and I want to assure everyone that I am working to address the multiple issues raised by this incident.”

    Looks like Christina is gonna have to find some other way to illustrate her perceived social harms. How about staging a knock-out game where a black male teen coldcocks and kills an 80-year-old white woman?

    DC Murder Rate Highest In Five Years
    Long Island Black Teen Arrested For Knockout Game
    Black Thugs Pick Wrong Guy To Knockout
    Knockout Thugs Post Crimes On Facebook

    Barbara Walters on Obama: ‘He Was Going To Be The Next Messiah’

    Barbara Walters told Piers Morgan, “We thought that he was going to be - I shouldn't say this at Christmastime, but - the next messiah”

    Walters is a fool, of course. And so are all the left-wing goons that parroted Obama's phony rhetoric.

    Those with the same egg-on-face-messiah-biters are: Oprah, Harry Belefonte, Whoopie Goldberg, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Mathews, Rachael Maddow, George Soros, Ed Schultz, the entire House Black Caucus, Howard Dean, Warren Buffet, Eric Schmidt (Google), Bill Gates, AFL-CIO, Gloria Alred, Sandra Fluke, most gays, 90% of blacks, most of Hollywood, and most Jews (especially the disgusting Sarah Silverman).

    May these people stew in their stupidity as they watch Obama sink below Nixon's historic low approval. The 'messiah' is taking his place as the undisputed worst president in American history.

    Given the biblical reference let's see how Obama fares in the Book of Proverbs 6:16-19. To wit "six things the Lord hateth, and seven that are an abomination unto Him", namely:

    A proud look
    A lying tongue
    Hands that shed innocent blood
    A heart that devises wicked plots
    Feet that are swift to run into mischief
    A deceitful witness that uttereth lies
    Him that soweth discord among brethren

    So, is Obama the second coming? Or is he just another false Messiah? You be the judge.

    MSNBC Gay Anchor: '...Obama...the First Gay President'

    Here we go, folks.

    MSNBC's openly gay anchor, Thomas Roberts, declared Obama to be the first gay president Monday morning...  What's his proof?  Oh yea, he has none.

    But let's stay with the crotch-bulging loafer-lite guy for a second and pretend he's right.

    What would Obama be doing to make him the first gay president?  Would he have to cheat on Michelle switch hitting with a male orderly?  Would he be playing Broadway show tunes on his iPod between meetings?  Would he get a tingle down his leg thinking about Chris Mathew's leg tingle?  Or would he just need to confess to a bromance with one of his bulky black secret service agents?

    Dunno.  One thing for sure though.  Obama is proving to be a lot of things, but packing fudge is likely not one of them.  Does MSNBC have ANYONE working over there without a personal agenda embedded in fake news?

    Fox News 2013 Ratings Exceed MSNBC, CNN, HLN Combined

    'Racist' To Force Blacks To Vote For Blacks

    Black actress Stacey Dash took a ton of heat voting for Mitt Romney.  The actress is best known for playing a ditz in the movie 'Clueless' along side Alicia Silverstone.  But the Bronx born beauty is no dumb blond.

    Stacey took the road not traveled by most blacks in 2012.  And for that she was well castigated by the tight-fisted black fascists that  lock-step with Obama.  How dare she not fall into the Conga line!

    "You should be able to make a choice based on the content of someone's character, not the color of their skin ... it's not 1965. We've won that battle. We should move on," Stacey told Adam Corolla on his podcast show.

    Most blacks are quick to forget Martin Luther King didn't expect or ask blacks to lock arms and sink into a chorus of race-based self-pity.


    Rev King stood in the Capital mall and said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

    Stacey Dash is MLK's legacy not Obama and his race hammering sycophants.

    Obama Sinks To Nixon's Level

    Jobs: Just 3 In 10 Have Full-Time Work

    The Obama regime has the worst record for jobs than any adminstration in history..  By pure numbers and not percent of workforce, the Obama goons are a pure disgrace.

    During the Great Depression the jobless rate was 15-30% for eight years, but since the population of the country was 130 million the number of people out of work was a 'mere' 18 million or so.  Today the population is over 330 million, yet there are some 80 million completely out of the workforce and not counted among the jobless.

    For the rest that do have jobs the prognosis is grim.  Just 30% of those with jobs are working full-time, the rest are part-time and poor.

    Sorta explains why Obama's poverty, food stamp, medicaide, welfare, jobless benefit, disability benefit records all exist, huh?

    Obamacare is the final and ultimate insult to all of this failure.  Obama has emphatically and intentionally stripped healthcare from the nation in an ugly way.  Hopefully people will remember in the next two elections.

    Record Number Of Renters - Record Number Can't Pay Rent
    Record 50 Million In Poverty
    Record 11 Million On Disability
    Record Homeless Overwhelm Shelters
    Obamacare Puts Lives At Risk
    Obama's Leave For 17-Day Hawaii Vacation- Again

    Robo Calling Robot Denies Being A Machine

    Why would a telemarketing company have robots calling people and deny they are machines? 

    TIME Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer got a robo call offering a deal on health insurance. When Scherer asked the 'voice' point blank if 'she' was a person or a robot, 'she' replied enthusiastically that she was a real person. Then coyily laughed a little.

    Scherer wasn't satisfied. He started to drill her with questions: “What vegetable is found in tomato soup?” she said she didn't understand the question. Then she was repeatedly asked what day of the week it was yesterday, she repeatedly replied she a bad connection.

    Other reporters in the TIME offices spent the newx few hours calling the 'interface' back to nail down the 'voice' and get to the bottom of the mystery. The voice told callers her name was Samantha West and her simple job was to ask questions about health coverage, for example, ”Are you on Medicare?”

    The company behind the baloney is A TIME reporter called the company asked the person answering about the robot. “We don’t use robot calls, sir,” and quickly hung-up the phone.

    Give her a call, see what you think: (484) 589-5611. Oh. Wait. The number has been disconnected, Samantha is apparently now calling from some other number Premier Health Plans denies she is calling from now.

    Hidden Human Female Sex Problem

    Teacher Zapped Telling Black Kid Santa's White

    Race is the new fascism in America.  Made so by a racist president and a willing army of race hustlers and race obsessed supporters (like the disgusting Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC).

    Most of us are tired of it, but it's not gonna go away while Obama and the Democrats are in power.

    The latest race row is over a tongue-in-cheek comment Megyn Kelly made the other night on her show.  Megyn qupped that Santa Claus and Jesus were white guys.

    The race crowd went into a convulsive uproar, but the fact still remains she's right - both of those guys were white.  Jesus was a Hebrew and Jew.  And Santa Claus is Saint Nikolaos of Myra a 4th century Greek cleric.

    So who cares?  Well, it seems just using the word 'white' is enough to lather up the race hypocrites, especially if the word is uttered on Fox News.  These guys hate both - whites and Fox News.

    Officials at Cleveland High School in New Mexico said they 'disciplined' a teacher after a black parent got upset.  Michael Rougier angrily told the local press his ninth-grade son, Christopher, went to school wearing a Santa hat and beard, and his teacher asked: "Don't you know Santa Clause is white? Why are you wearing that?"

    The unnamed teacher has since apologized to the Rougier family. The student, Christopher has since been taken out of the guys class.

    Notice there's more outrage over this teacher and this silly incident than public schools often take over molesting and incompetent teachers. Wanna know why? Because unions don't protect silly comments, they only protect molesters.

    Michigan Teacher Union Wants Severance For Imprisoned Molester Teacher
    CA Teachers Unions Protecting Molesers
    LA Teacher Molests 23 Students Gets Union Help
    CA Souring On Unions 
    Don Lemon's Black Santa

    Polygamy Ruled Constitutional

    Based on the logic behind gay marriage polygamy is being brought back to life in Utah.

    Utah was forced to outlaw polygamy back in 1896 by the US Congress. But a federal court just ruled the polygamy law is unconstitutional. And Utah's governor is not happy.

    The 91-page opinion written by U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups in Brown v. Buhman, has made Warren Jeffs a happy fella - except for some of his underage brides.

    The ruling also opens up the possibility of Muslims establishing harems in the USA.

    In 2003 Lawrence v. Texas resulted in the Supreme Court overruling previous sexuality precedents by declaring unconstitutional laws that made homosexual sodomy a crime. Gays have used the case to push for gay marriage.

    Until recently, many have argued that marriage was between men and women largely for the protection of kids. The new conception of marriage evolved from no-fault divorce laws in the 1970s and the sexual revolution. Marriage is now said to be about personal happiness and fulfillment.

    So polygamists argue marriage is a “right to self-determination of private relations and family matters free of government intrusion.”  The federal courts seem to agree.

    And that changes everything folks. The logical extension of this ruling therefore leads to polygyny - one man with multiple women, polyandry - one woman with multiple men,  and polyamory - multiple men with multiple women.

    In plain words, anything goes. Short of a reversal on appeal, get ready for the chaos many predicted would come after allowing lesbians and gay males to tie-the-knot.

    Woman's Guide To Submissive Behavior

    Retailers Conceal Cameras In Mannequins

    Walmart and other retailer's eyes are on you, literally.  Not because they think you're gonna steal goodies, they already know who does that, but because they wanna know what you 'almost' bought before you made an actual purchase.

    The technology is way, way past the 'old-tech' video cameras easily visible hanging from ceilings around the stores. Nah, these guys are filling mannequins with facial-recognition cameras hidden in their eyes!

    The theory is to track shopper demographics. Which is code for who the hell are you, anyway.

    Alfonso Perez built a system called Shopperception that Walmart uses. The motion-sensored cameras track a shopper’s product choice. Why not settle for tracking inventory? Because they want to match product with women, men, old, young, black, white, fat, frail, frumpy and the wheel-chair bound buyer.

    So don't be pick'n your nose or rearranging your junk in front of the artificial life-forms in the clothing department, not unless you want to share with store employees later.

    You didn't have a presumption of privacy shopping for socks, shoes, cereal, and underwear did you?

    Peeing Mannequin Pisses Off Shoppers 
    NSA Turns On Your Webcam At Will 
    Wearable Device Detects Surveillance Cameras 
    3D Cameras 'See' Through Walls

    China Bypassing California With New Canal

    Why would anyone want to build another canal just north of Panama in Nicaragua?  For starters, it's a pure money machine.  But more importantly it lets all those Chinese merchant ships bypass California and unload in Texas and Florida where business is a LOT more friendly.

    And it cuts train freight to boot.

    The National Assembly in Nicaragua approved giving Beijing-based telecommunications CEO Wang Jing a 50-year renewable lease to build a canal 3-times wider and longer than the Panama Canal. It also awards tax-free side projects including ports on Nicaragua's Pacific and Atlantic coasts, an oil pipeline bisecting the country, a cargo railway, two free-trade zones and an international airport.

    Wang says he's confident there's demand for a waterway accommodating larger ships than even the expanded Panama Canal can handle. No kidding.

    The dominance of China in world trade is inevitable, especially after the massive head-start Obama has incompetently opened up. No doubt China would like to build double-sized ships to haul goods even cheaper to waiting markets in the USA and Europe.

    Bypassing California is an extra special bonus. Wealthy Chinese are busy chewing on the dying state buying up real-estate in a depressed market. Next they will deal a fatal blow to California's debt-ridden economy when they go around ports in Long Beach, San Diego and Oakland.

    The left-coast liberals are finding their pants down around their collective commerce ankles. California's port business is the leading source of income in a state trying to feed half of Latin America's illegals.

    CA Pop Explodes - Whites Exit, Hispanics Enter
    CA Sours On Unions
    US Warships Tangle With Chinese Warships

    Five Office Crazies To Avoid

    Working in an office is more brutal than digging a ditch or plowing a field.  Why?  Because the human animal is treacherous and manual labor is absent the game-play human's employ at the office.

    Psychologist describe five distinct personality types hanging out in the office.  Recognizing them and learning how to deal with them may just mean your very survival. 

    1. The Ball Buster - a person that would stomp-out his/her own mother's guts to get ahead. A kind of Caligula of the cubicles.  Stay clear of him/her.  Sink back into the business carpet but don't cowl if they come close - when they smell weakness they wade-in for the kill.   They don't play team and they don't take prisoners.

    2. The Mother Hen - the keeper of gossip and fake shoulder to cry on.  Stay clear of her. The game is false trust.  Sorta like J. Edgar Hoover - they have a file on everyone so no one can fire them or cross the moat and attack their castle.  Don't be fooled by their outgoing manner - it's an act.

    3. The Party Hardy - this guy thinks work is an excuse to play. The game is to cruise at low level till each holiday arrives.  Then jump into high gear and get others to make asses of themselves at company events. Everybody loves this guy.  But don't be fooled. He/she is a parasite riding on others work efforts.  When this guy comes by the day is shot - he wants to play not get stuff done.

    4. The Gym Nut - here's the hyper-energy drink.  He/she runs on dopamine from too much work-out.  These people start their day sweating on a treadmill.  By the time they get to work, they've already had two bear claws and five cups of coffee.  They get all their work done in 30 minutes leaving the rest of the day running circles around you.  And still have enough energy at quitting time to ride a bicycle 20 miles home.

    5. The Engineer/Nerd - these people smell a little and have food on their desk from last years Christmas party.  They are anti-social and sometimes even a little scary.  No one understands what they're talking about and most people avoid them unless their work is critical to a deadline.  God help you if one of them rises to become CEO of your company.  The Big Bang Theory and profanity will replace professionalism.

    Play a little game with yourself.  See if you can spot these people before they find you. Don't run up and tell them who they are, just sit back and snicker a little swimming in the knowledge that you have them nailed and know exactly how to handle them - or not.

    Hit-And-Run Victim Saved By Dog

    John Miles was taking his aging dog Lucy for a walk on a Dorchester street near Boston when both were struck from behind by a hit-and-run driver.

    John was knocked unconscious and laying in a pile by the side of the road when Lucy, despite a broken leg limped off for help. Lucy made it to a Dentist office and started barking until someone came out to help.

    When the EMTs found John by the side of the road they couldn't identify him. But Lucy had dog tags.

    John has two broken legs, a broken arm and 15 facial fractures all requiring surgery. Lucy is limping around at home with a torn ACL and leg fractures. Lucy misses John and continues to look for him.

    John's daughter says of Lucy, “So after the accident, when I was home with her, she had tears running down her fur. She is walking around lost without him.” Apparently beagles do, in fact, have tear ducts.

    Lucy isn't aware of her hero status, nor likely would she much care.  She just wants John to come home. Lucy gets her surgery in a couple of days.

    “Once the winter’s over, if I’m recovered and Lucy’s recovered you can bet we’ll be out doing our walking again,” John told reporters from his hospital bed.

    Cafe Doubles Coffee Price For Rude Customers

    Say please and save.  That's the goofy message only a French cafe would try to convey in the price of a cup of coffee.

    The Petite Syrah café in Nice, on the French Riviera, charges customers $12 for 'a coffee' if they don't say 'please' and 'thank-you' when being served. If you do manage to squeeze out a little courtesy when ordering that same cup costs a  'mere' $7 bucks.

    Oh, but wait, there's more... If you're hip to this and are willing to prostitute yourself completely with a 'good day, a coffee please' your cup-o-java will get rung up for a bargain $2.30.

    Fabrice Pepino, manager of the Petite Syrah says, 'It started as a joke because at lunchtime people...were rude to us when they ordered a coffee...I know people say that French service can be rude but it's also true that customers can be rude...'

    Get this pompous puke! Well, Fabrice can be assured this American tourist won't be spending his coffee buck in his little snob-shop anytime soon. I'd rather get a cup of truck stop motor-oil from a sneering, mustached mid-western waitress than fly to France and be assaulted by a bunch of ungrateful French femmes.

    If you do wake up one day with a craving for French abuse, the phrases to take are: s'il vous plaît (please), merci (thank-you), and bonne journée, un café s'il vous plaît (good day, a coffee please).

    But if you're more like me you'll march into Petite Syrah in a huff and say, l'un de vous bâtards français capables de servir une tasse de café?

    Ya gotta look that one up for yourself...

    Amazon Witch Doctor Drug Hits High Schools

    High school kids are switching from LSD, magic mushrooms and ketamine to ayahuasca, a combination of a pair of plants from the Amazon rain forest.

    Amazon shaman stew and consume the plants to get their 'visions.'  The kids are loading up and smoking the crap to get a hyper hallucinatory high more extreme than the 'old school' stuff from the acid days of the 60s.

    Users found out about ayahuasca from a couple of ill-conceived cult films "Enter the Void" in 2009 and the 2010 documentary "DMT: The Spirit Molecule." The toxic message delivered is the same old saw - get 'heightened awareness' while you mimic real-lie schizophrenia.

    The word on the street is the active ingredient DMT offers an 'extreme hallucinatory experience' and users cite a 'bad trip' as a potential risk. Just the ticket for a tin-headed teen, right?

    Congressman Loses $18 Million In Stock Market Scam

    Alan Grayson is the big mouth Democrat congressman from Florida who's no stranger to controversy.  Grayson just lost his ass in a scheme that was on target to net him massive gains in the stock market while avoiding capital gains taxes.

    Grayson turned over his stocks to a broker just convicted and sentenced to 12-years in prison. The stocks were transferred to the crook as a 'loan.' The value of the stocks and any value gained in the markets could then be 'borrowed' back by Grayson. The gains of course exempt from capital gains taxes since the transaction takes the form of a loan and not an income stream.

    Grayson's no stranger to this kind of scheme. In 2009, Grayson won a $34 million judgment against Derivium Capital. Derivium's business plan for hedging an investor's stock portfolio was nearly identical to the plan outline by the guy that just went to jail and lost Grayson's $18 million.

    Like John Edwards before him, Grayson's among the top 20 most wealthy in congress in large part by due to winning tons of cash in court settlement where he acted as trial lawyer.

    During the hot Obamacare debates back in the day Grayson stood on the floor of congress and tore down the GOP's alternative to Obamacare as little more than wanting sick people to "die quickly."

    And just last month Grayson was demogaguing the GOP characterizing all of them as paranoid, gullible, bigoted, Confederate flag-waving gun nuts.

    Grayson still has a ton of cash, so no need to pity the hulking hypocrite. Grayson's odor of evil doesn't go away on it's own.

    30-Years Of Brutal Winters Ahead

    What happened to global warming?  Oh yea, it was never real and the goons that made their living hyping the myth are caught with their pants down in the middle of a 30-Year mini ice age.

    Sir Brian Heap, president of the European Academies Science Advisory Council, said he felt “obliged” to issue the warning after a new study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was issued early this year.

    Remember, Britain's been in front crying wolf over faux-science-driven climate change for two decades. Google the University of East Anglica if you want the rest of the story.

    Where is Al Gore hiding out?  His big fat-white-ass is parked on a Malibu beach wearing woolen speed-ohs roasting and toating his chest-nuts around a massive bonfire - no doubt.

    MIT: Global Warming .v. Ice Age
    Killer Winter Storms For 30-Years
    Oregon Rewrites Winter History Books
    Texas Setting Snow Records
    Snow Falling. In Australia - In Summer
    Antarctica Sets Cold Record Of -135.8

    CA Doctors Dump Obamacare Patients

    The Obama regime has invested heavily in Obamacare in California. The state is fat with Obama Democrats and Obama constituents.

    So when the California Medical Association reported last week that even before a single Obamacare patient has arrived at any medical office door 70% of physicians say they will boycott the Obamacare contrivance and turn them away.

    Reimbursement rates for Medicare and Medicaide are among the lowest in the nation in California.

    So when doctors took a closer look and saw that Obamacare portends reimbursement rates between the two low-paying systems already in place - most of them are saying no-way-San-Jose.

    And that leaves California (and the rest of the states) in a conundrum.  Why force people into a healthcare system that has no doctors and no hospitals?  Cricket sounds....

    Update:  Guess what?  You can't keep your drugs either!

    Obamacare Creating Medicaide Time Bomb
    Harris-Perry: Wealthy White Men Coined Obamacare To Embarrass Obama
    25% Of Sign-Ups Leading To No Healthcare At All
    Obamacare Architect: If You Like Your Doctor, You Can Pay More
    Website Users Dumped On Phising Site
    Obamacare To Shutter Thousands Of Fire Stations

    Bill Clinton Suckles Mandela

    Bill and Hillary Clinton are headed to the big show in S. Africa.  The death of Mandela has been quickly co-opted by the same pernicious liberals who've been beating to death the race card and blacks in general for political power.

    The GOP and conservatives are being fingered for labeling Mandela a 'terrorist.'  The problem?  Every administration since Gerald Ford had Mandela on the terror list, including Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. And Jimmy Carter's administration were best friends with all the world's worst African dictators.

    Bill Clinton's brand new chance to foist himself upon us with his homespun-homily reminiscence of a bereft presidency has arrived with Mandela's death.  Still smarting over his impeachment, Bill spends most of his day these days expecting to get his record expunged.

    So, Bill and Hillary are jetting off to the funeral.  And both want you to know that Mandela's death is really all about them and their incessant need to infect the rest of us with their ambitions.

    Bill says Mandela taught him how to forgive the GOP for impeaching him. Bill conveniently forgets his troubles were self-inflicted.  And it appears Bill's still not above pushing his personal crap in front of someone else's death and legacy.

    Well, some things don't change, right Billy baby?

    Mandela's Funeral Hillary's Moment Too
    Mandela On US Terror List For Decades
    10 Things To Know About Mandela's Legacy

    Obama Impeachable In 2015?

    Obama has been pretty cavalier and maybe even amused at his percipitous drop in public approval.  The failure-in-chief knows he has no reelection to sweat.  But what about Democrats clinging to their house and senate seats?

    Should 2014 be a repeat of 2010 Obama will regret ignoring the laws and pumping out executive orders.  Why?  Because next year when the employer mandate kicks back-in and another eighty-million face Obamacare's guillotine of costs and doctor shortages voters will be ready to take their revenge.  

    All leading to a really fun scenario.  The GOP will suddenly have the power to override Obama's vetoes and executive privilege edicts. And that will set-up a constitutional crises.

    Referring to Obama's frequent hip-shots unilaterally changing Obamacare, Michael Cannon, Cato Institute’s Director of Health Policy Studies, testified before congress last Tuesday about the dangers of Obama's behavior.

    “There is one last thing to which the people can resort if the government does not respect the restrains that the constitution places on the government,” Cannon said. “Abraham Lincoln talked about our right to alter our government or our revolutionary right to overthrow it.” 

    The truly sad part is that Obama has pushed to a precipice. Still drastic measures won't be necessary.  Just as voters gave Obama the power to do what he is doing, they can just as quickly take it away next November.  And that, as the fat lady says, is that...

    Obamacare Already Rationing Care
    Obama Education Policy An Utter Flop
    Obama Foreign Policy Pushes US To 4-Year Low