Science Quiz For 4th Graders

See if you know as much science as a 4th grader.

1. Methane is twenty-three times more potent than CO2.   Each cow (150 billion) make 140 gallons and each human (7 billion) farts a balloon full of the pungent pollutant daily.  All toll 20% of all greenhouse gas comes from the asses of mammals.

2. Your eyesight is most acute when so scared you make a skid in your boxers. The two things that panic people most are heights and clowns.

3. The carbon in your body can make 9,000 pencils. The largest molecule in existence is the human chromosome.  Each body has 7 octillion atoms (7 with 27 zeroes). Take the air out of the atoms and you shrink to 1/12,500th of an inch.

4. Mosquitoes get sexually excited by the color blue.  If you want malaria wear a baby blue bikini next time you go camping in the Costa Rican rainforest.

5. You have twenty square feet of skin.  And your finger nails and hair don't keep growing after death.  The wet tissue shrinks making both look longer.

6. Cat pee is fluorescent and glows under ultra violet light.   So next time the cat takes off chase him down with a black light and you will spend less time looking for pee trails in the snow.

7. Diamonds are more common than a landfill full of plastic bags.  Diamonds are also not made from coal.  Diamonds were being pinched out 90 mile below the crust at massive pressures.  Diamonds were made far below the coal seams that came 25 million years later.

8. A blue whale's heart is the size of a Honda Civic. Bulls are color blind and charge the red cape just because the Matador is violating his territory. Bats are not blind and some species see better than birds of prey. And sharks get cancer so don't eat ground-down shark fin as a cancer cure.