Penis Butchering MD Nailed

Urologist, Dr. Paul Perito, 50, is again facing a lawsuit after amputating a man's penis following yet another botched operation.

Perito operated on a prison inmate who had blisters on his penis from an unknown origin. The patient 'Hank' was wrapped in gauze. When the time came to remove the bandages, Perito could not be located, so the wrapped-up penis eventually became infected. Perito says he could not save the organ due to the gangrene that developed.

Perito runs an independent business - the Perito Urology Clinic. A large part of the business is performing penile implants, which give patient 'permanent hardons'. In August 2007, an implant patient got an infection and also had to have his penis removed by Perito. Apparently the victim was diabetic, a condition Perito failed to notice.

Both lawsuits are now pending. Odd side note,  a racketeering and fraud charge is also pending for Perito in his role as part owner of the PlayPen strip club.  Is there some strange synergy between the strip club business and the penis business?

Stay away from south Florida men. The place is crawling with penis butchers.