Fat Airline Tickets

The road to rotund can begin at birth and end in an oversized coffin.  Or the future porcine start thin gaining weight as they go.

No matter how critical mass is achieved the effect on the infrastructure is the same.  We know the flabber-asses over consume everything.  They need more medical system, more food, more fuel, more space, and more reinforcement everywhere they sit, shit, and sleep.

Dr Bhatta, of the Sogn og Fjordane University College in Norway, said: 'Charging according to weight and space is a universally accepted principle, not only in transportation, but also in other services.'  So Bhatta wants to see a pay-what-you-weigh airline pricing scheme.

Why is it fair to make the meaty pony up for their excess poundage?  Because being fat is a choice.  Oh, and don't let the lame libbies try to fling the foolishness that obesity is a disease.  If being fat is a disease then Janet Napolitano and Hillary 'the hips' Clinton should be hooked up to liposuction machines right now.

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