Drone Disaster Waiting To Happen

Most fear drones for the wrong reasons.  Unlike military killer drones carrying bombs and missiles the civilian variety are not supposed to shoot anyone.  Some saddled in paranoia think drones present a new level of privacy hazard, but that isn't true either.

Cameras are omnipresent so the chances of a drone flying over your backyard BBQ is about the same as finding a mint condition Honus Wagner baseball card inside a Gutenberg Bible left in a rental car.

So what's the real danger of a sky full of drones?

The lumbering FAA is behind the power curve again.  Unless the lame government agency requires drones to be equipped with collision avoidance and transponders so manned aircraft and air traffic control can 'see' them, there is going to be death in the skies.  And it will be the FAA's fault.

Allegedly the FAA requires drone operators to maintain constant visual contact with their crafts. But there is no mention of restrictions regarding altitude and airspace (all aviation airspace is defined by a set of rules for pilots dependent upon where you are flying).  And no advise from the FAA over how pilots are to deal with drones violating the rules and getting in their faces.

In fact, some are going out of their way to help drones violate even the basic rule of line of sight. A San Francisco-based startup company is selling an iPhone/iPad accessory giving drone owners a "mobile drone ground station" enabling them to fly their air hazards a mile or more away.  The company 'advises' customers not to use their product in violation of FAA rules!  Oh yea, that solves it...

An unmanned drone colliding with a rule-following manned aircraft is being cooked into the roast.  Some poor unlucky private or commercial aircraft and those onboard are going to pay the ultimate price.