German Sex Predators Get Castrated

In California, criminals are being released early.  And new crimes get shorter sentences in county jail instead of prison because the state spends money on illegals instead of jails. California calls this threat to the public 'progressive'.

The result of course means the innocent victims of crime are more at risk than ever. The false premise that sex offenders, especially child molesters can be rehabilitated is a cruel hoax.

Germany chemically castrates sex predators. The monsters volunteer for the procedure in exchange for freedom.

Germany says the practice is resulting in the lowest re-offending rates in Europe. The Germans point to a 1997 study that followed over a hundred of these guys showing less than 3% re-offended versus 48% in the non castrated control group.

The EU wants Germany to stop the practice because they say its 'degrading' to child molesters.

The 'progressives' in the EU seem extra ready to protect sex predators from humiliation, rather than kids from their acts of perversion. Just like California!