Gun Owners Battle Back With Bucks

Gun owners are under assault.  Not from other gun toters, but from unarmed anti-second-amendement fascists.  Fighting back with the buck is better than hiding and bitching about it.

The Gun Free Zone app runs on Android and iDevices.  Find the GFZ on Google Play, Amazon, or Apple online stores.

The GFZ app identifies the 20 nearest businesses, churches, and schools marking them as firearm-friendly or gun-freak.

'By having the app in everybody's with your wallet. If my gun is not welcome in your store, my money is not welcome either,' says app creator John Peden.

Peden says crazies looking to hurt kids might use the app to find gun free zones.  Remember gun free zones are where dastardly shooters do it most.  Peden isn't to blame.  Goons setting up gun free zones are the culprits.

There are 300 million legal firearms in the U.S. Over half the households, some 55 million families are gun owners.  If you own a gun or think constitutional rights to own guns is just as valid as any right liberals claim, then get the app and start boycotting.

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