First Black Homecoming Queen At Ole Miss

No one said homecoming queens had to be white. But c'mon folks was there no required black female among the student body that didn't crush the shocks of the parade car?

The University Of Mississippi was ground zero during the 1960s civil rights era.  James Meridith was assassinated after being the first black to enroll at the school fifty-years ago.

So it's a big deal that the new homecoming queen Courtney Pearson is black.  The problem the Angle has is not whether the new queen is black, but rather that she is a blinding mass of white-gowned corpulence.

There's already a pretty strong stereotype regarding black women and obesity.  Courtney may happen to have the right skin color to get the crown this year.  But as a beauty queen she mocks the gown and the tiara.

White, black, pink or purple a homecoming queen should be a standout in character not curvature. And queen's should be female, not some raging tranny or jack-booted butch lesbian that can't make up his/her mind what genitalia he/she wants to pack in his/her panties.

Well that's the past.  The future appears to be breaking everything down for breaking down sake. Even the notion that a beauty queen actually be beautiful.

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