KKK Miffed In Memphis

Didn't Holder get rid of the KKK yet?  Apparently not.

On March 30th the 'Loyal White Knights' a local faction of what remains of the dying post-civil war menace are mounting a protest.  The Knights are upset because Memphis, now 60% black keeps undoing it's Civil War legacy renaming public parks.

Six well-educated Confederate veterans from Pulaski, Tennessee created the original Ku Klux Klan on December 24, 1865.  Chief among them and the first Grand Wizard  was Nathan Bedford Forrest of the Battle of Fort Pillow fame.

The city has already done away with 'Confederacy' and 'Jefferson Davis' parks.  But the jewel is the parcel named for Nathan Bedford Forrest who was also buried there.  The city dug up the grave and re-placarded the place as  'Health Sciences Park.'

So the few remaining White Knights (not a chess club) are calling on other dormant white knights from what remains of the deep south to do what?  It's been decades since the Klan lynched anyone or buried a body in a levee.

The KKK will soon be little more than a holographic game on a pair of Google glasses.  It only took two hundred years.

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