Fat Felons Fat Funerals Fat Fail

Gluttony not guns are the crises in America. Fat people are crushing the infrastructure and the sofa.

The CDC says 40% of US adults are obese (BMI > 29).

As the Angle has reported, the USA is growing fat asses at an alarming rate. By 2030 50% will be well over the whale-line and another 25% fat enough to require special shoes.

Even dying fat is fatuous. Coffins are being enlarged to accommodate ever widening loads. A standard casket measures 24 to 27 inches wide, coffin makers are stretching widths to 52 inches, capable of entombing 1,000 lb elephantines.

The rotund are also clogging the courts. Yale psychologists studied 471 mock jurors to  see if potbellies produce prejudice as a predilection.

A case of check fraud and four images of an alleged defendant, a skinny man, obese man, skinny woman and obese woman were put on trial.

Women seemed to show no bias toward the rotund, but men picked the fleshy female as guilty of check fraud without hesitation.

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