DARPA: Terminator Robot Soldiers Under Test

Humans are being taken off the battlefield.  Working mechanical prototypes with full-range human movement, speech, sight, form, balance and strength are in test today.  

Meet DARPA Boy left.  This is an artist mockup of a working robot under secret testing.  The military is challenging robot experts worldwide to beat their 'pet' in the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

Androids from private company Shaft and Carnegie Mellon University are taking the field alongside the DARPA wonder.  .NASA is jumping in with a mechanical insect.

The US Military already uses robotic drones to bomb the poop out of bad guys in Pakistan.  Now they want machine soldiers too.

Lethal titanium clad weapons loaded killers impervious to enemy fire.  Encountering one would be like falling off the front of a riding lawnmower on a wet hillside.  There will be little left to bury.