Widow Exonerated After Husband Zaps Genitals

Rochester's Amanda Martin discovered her husband Paul, 35, lying naked on the floor in the basement, dead.

Paul, suffered from erectile dysfunction.  The self-administered death shock came from a homemade electrical 'invention.'  Amanda got a jolt too when she touched Paul trying to revive him.

The widow later contacted Paul's life insurance company. The company refused to honor the policy stating, 'Mr Martin's own volitional acts contributed to his death,' so no payout.

Undeterred, Amanda took her case to a Federal Appeals court presenting the police report, and the testimony of the emergency response team. Emergency officials said that Mr Martin's 'homemade wire device...accidentally electrocuted him to death.'   A paltry $81k in question.

During court testimony it was revealed that Paul made the device by creating a purple-wire loop from the hot-lead of a black power cord. The loop at the end of the purple wire was 'attached to his scrotum,' police reported.

Expert witness Dr Stephen J. Hucker, testified that electrical stimulation is for enjoyment, not suicide. 'The use of electrical stimulation to produce sexual excitement and orgasm has been known since at least the nineteenth century,' Dr Hucker argued.

The judge agreed ruling Paul wasn't trying for suicide.  Paul was hopping an electrified hobby horse.  The court ordered the case reopened and reviewed for disbursement by the insurance company.

Guys.  Avoid Paul's idiocy.  Can't get it up? Go see a urologist and get some Viagra - play with the wife, not the toaster's electrical chord.

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