Women On Pill Favor Girly Men

Strong jaws and masculine looks repulse women who are on birth control pills.  Women opt instead for men with effeminate looks - traits faithfulness and stability associated with girly men.

Claus Wedekind, evolutionary biologist says, "women who choose to take the pill may be biased toward more 'stable' and less masculine-looking men..."

The theory suggest women prefer the masculine males when fertile, but reject them when on the pill and infertile.

Conclusion? Masculine males are selected when it comes to pro-creation. Femme males preferred when companionship is central.

This also explains why gay males make straight female friends so easily. And explains why masculine, strong jawed males scare the poop out of gay males and infertile females.

Sex is way way too hard these days, folks. Me thinks it's time for a micro-brew stout and some Sicilian pizza topped with goat cheese and Kalamata olives.

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