Obama Force Fed Obamacare Dog Food

The wound opened by Obamacare is like a trillion paper cuts on the medical system.

Since SCOTUS inappropriately allowed Obamacare to stand by twisting 'forced purchase' into 'tax' the 2,000 page law has morphed into 20,000 medicine shattering regulations.

And while the gangrene that is Obamacare infects the 'average guy' guess who escaped?  Obama, Biden and the Whitehouse staff are exempt.

Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) both offered amendments to move Obama and Biden into Obamacare health exchanges.  If the amendment stands then Obama and Biden will be appropriately forced to eat their own dog food medical care.

Back when Obamacare was released from the kennel Sen. Grassely had inserted a requirement for congress and it's staff to purchase their coverage in an exchange.

Meantime, as predicted more than half the states (28) have rejected setting up exchanges.   Six in ten MDs are making plans to get out of medicine over the next two years.  And a growing number of MDs are trying to avoid shutting down by setting up a cash-only practice.

But the real disgrace is the devastation to small business.  Obamacare has destroyed full-time work and wiped out nearly 70% of profits.  Like the Pogo guy once said - 'we have seen the enemy and he is Obamacare.'

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