Woman Scorned Buys Billboard

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. 
Prov. There is nothing as unpleasant as a woman whose love has been taken for granted.
In the past cheating men might have awakened sans a couple of body parts or found the wagon, horses and woman long gone.

But in our modern mass media age the ladies have faster, larger, more expensive ways to deal with a wandering penis.

The billboard leaves no room for doubt - some guy named Michael is in deep doodoo.  And jilted Jennifer blew some joint coin telling the world all about it.  Appropriately the reality show message is on Battleground Ave. In Greensboro, NC.  And traffic rubbernecking is at a standstill.

'I love that woman. Good for her!'
'I wish i had done that in an earlier relationship!'

Others suspect a marketing ploy.  After all it's been done before   In 2006 CourtTV bought billboards all over the country: 'Hi Steven. Do I have your attention now? I know all about her, you dirty, sneaky, immoral, unfaithful, poorly-endowed slimeball. Everything's caught on tape. Your (soon-to-be-ex) Wife, Emily.'

The billboard company isn't talking.  Michael hasn't shown up. And Jennifer's full name is unknown.  Conspiracy or not a lot of people are identifying with the sentiment and are making their own billboard reservations.

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