Organs Custom Made Grown To Order

Biological engineering cracked the code of life (DNA) just sixty years ago.  Soon entire organisms and their constituent parts will be 'printed' like a novel.  The implications are infinite.

For now, to make a larynx, ear, nose, urethra, bile ducts or soon a whole human heart the labs have to start with cadaver parts.   But that's a far cry from harvesting still living organs from fresh dead bodies.  The logistics of matching tissue, extracting, packing, and transporting are crude at best.

Cadaver parts are used as 'scaffolds' or foundations.  The dead organs cells are first removed by scrubbed in industrial detergents.  Then live cells from the patient are planted on the object, fed and grown until the organ is regenerated and brought back to life.  Why go to this trouble?  Both to eliminate rejection and to tap the unlimited supply of organs wasted on the dead.

Even this revolutionary bioengineering will seem crude by near future standards.

The ultimate process is to 'print' organs on a bio-printer from the program code in DNA directly.  Once that becomes reality the only roadblock to a three-hundred year life span or being resurrected from near death  will be the purchase price of the 'part' you need.

Don't expect Obamacare to cover the cost.  To get a new heart you'll need some serious coin in your virtual bank account.