Hitler Still Pissed Obama Ate His Dog

In Obama's book 'Dreams From My Father' the failing president confessed to dining on dog, snake, and grasshoppers as a kid.

A kid in Kenya?  A kid in Indonesia?  A kid in Hawaii? Hawaii residence don't eat dog-meat, in fact, it's illegal to even think about stepping on, licking, choking, or butchering your pet.  So where did Obama chow down on canine chowder?  Could help answer the dangling question: Where Was Boomboom Born?

Hitler's dog Blondie was shot by Hitler himself.  Adolf killed his pet just prior to shooting himself and his bride, Eva Braun.

Hitler was more trusting, affectionate, and doting over the German Shepard than even for Eva.  So here's Adolf in his bunker being told Barry ate his dog.  Herr Hitler's reaction is predictable.

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