Sean Penn's Rage Inherited By Son

Sean Penn is a prototype Hollywood hypocrite.  Full of arrogance, ignorance, and anger Penn's life is a trail of wreckage.

Penn was entering a medical office building in Beverly Hills yesterday with son Hopper Penn in tow.  As Penn walked from his car into the building a paparazzi tracked him from a respectful distance snapping a series of pictures. 

Suddenly son Hopper darted aggressively crossing the street cornering the black photographer.  The 19-year-old galloped into the man's grill, pushing him, then barked, "Fuck you ... you're a fucking faggot ... shut up you fucking nigger."

Later, TMZ got a statement from junior.  “I was accosted by paparazzi and made to feel like an animal - threatened and under attack, but that does not condone my own actions."

Nice perversion of events.  The spin might have worked except the whole thing was taped.  Hopper Penn is a clear copy of his old man.  As the saying goes, you can't pick your parents.

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