Horse Shot Point Blank Pisses Off Activists

Obama legalized horse meat in 2012 so new facilities are opening up to meet equestrian cuisine demand.

New Mexico's Valley Meat Co. is nearly ready to open it's slaughterhouse despite protests from left-wing animal rights groups.  The irony?  The idiot protestors probably don't know Obama is behind the new law.  Or if they do, then it's both ironic and hypocritical.

The new slaughterhouse has PETA-like libbies upset, but Tim Sappington has them peeing on their shoes.

Plant employee Sappington  posted a YouTube video of himself shooting a horse between the eyes with a handgun.  Sappington says the horse will feed his family. 

‘To all you animal activists,’ Sappington says in the video as he draws his gun, ‘fuck you.’

Rick De Los Santos, a part-owner of Valley Meat Co., said he has been inundated with hate calls and death threats, many of them tinged with racism.  Wow. Racism?  There are African-American horses?

De Los Santos says Sappington was on his own property shooting a horse that belonged to him.  But the death threats are galloping in and so the FBI is 'forced' to saddle-up on this one.

The extra double bonus fun part?  State and local animal weenies are 'looking into possible animal cruelty charges' for Sappington.  Ehhh.  Sorry ASPCA nosepickers, Mr Ed fair game now. Obama says so.

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