Females Fail Marine Officer Training

The Marine Infantry Officer Course is 10 weeks of advanced hell at Quantico, Va.  The ordeal is intended to identify and train infantry officers to lead other Marines into battle.

Until Obama and Panetta indulged in social engineering of the military aiming to plant gays and females in combat roles, the Marines were training men for the job exclusively.  So naturally Obama and now Hagel are anxious to see women pass the test sorta like the movie GI Jane.

So far, the women can't cut it.

After two rounds of two women each starting the MIOC all dropped out. Not so much in disgrace, since few women are looking to subject themselves to the punishment.

The course is tough even for men. Just 25% make it through. But it's clear unless a sex-engineered former male (transgender) lops off his dick and grows some tits, there will be no natural born females making the grade. 

Can you see where this is going? The effect of women unable to pass this course means no female Marine combat officer in the field. After a while the social engineers will need to either water down the training, or just plant some politically correct females in the field thus endangering whole operations.

Lets face it, why would the Marines wash out 75% of the men if they were not looking for special people to fill the role? Oh, liberals don't care about that, it's all about getting a pair of bumps on the chest to accompany those bars on the shoulders.  Screw the quality and effectiveness of the training.

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