St Louis Covered In Radioactive Paint

The 'government' is your daddy Obama insists.  Just ask the ambassador in Libya how well the government protected him, oops, nevermind.

Many may remember the government helping out.  Here is a quick list of thirteen to refresh the memory.

As recently as 1965 the US Army applied radioactive paint gingerly around St. Louis, MO.  In Corpus Christi Texas similar chemicals were dropped from planes over wide areas.

Tons of radioactive paint was plastered on St Louis's Pruitt-Igoe public housing complex. The place was home to 10,000 blacks and other minorities. Some 70% of the unlucky were kids under 12.

But not to worry, the Army says the materials are harmless.  Cool. Obama knows best so sit down and shut-up.  And don't face skyward or you might get a little something from the government in your eye.

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