Twitter Logo Named 'Larry' Bird

Ever wonder the difference twixt Twitter and Facebook?

Facebook appeals to people whose vanity requires them to 'share' their pathetic personal lives with others, even strangers.

Twitter appeals to people who like to communicate in tiny ejaculated bursts.  Some people do both, but for a few of us, like the Angle, Twitter is the tool, Facebook is to be avoided.

Facebook uses an 'F' for its iconic symbol. Twitter's branding symbol is a bulbous little blue-bird.  A bumble-bee-like turquoise wisp that looks more like an upside-down comma with wings than a bird.

But Twitter says its a bird and they insist it can 'tweet' presumably.  So there you go.

The Facebook logo has no name - what else would an 'F' be used for anyway?

Twitter's tweeting smudge of a bird has no official name, but internally Twitter's Platform/API product manager Ryan Sarver chirped the little cage-free avian was called 'Larry'. Yep.  Larry Bird.

After being grilled by the technical press over the origin of the bird's name, the cat catapulted out of the bag.  The name may have come from the famous basketball legend, the Boston Celtics, Larry Bird. If so, Mr Bird may be due some pre-IPO shares if his lawyer makes a quick call.

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