Planned Parenthood Botched Abortion Lawsuit

Backers of legalized abortion rationalize kid killing. 

Myth 1: Back room abortion doom women to infection, mutilation and death.

Myth 2: A fetus is not a human being.

Planned Parenthood gets $540 million a year from taxpayers.  The non-profit claims the funds go toward a nebulous 'family planning' and 'female health' effort.  Over 300,000 abortions are done yearly by Planned Parenthood in about 800 facilities nationwide.

Many taxpayers object to public money used to abort kids. So Planned Parenthood works hard to project the image that they don't use public money for abortions, and that women get safe and professional kid-removals when they patronize their shops.

But mounting evidence says otherwise.  Ayanna Byer changed her mind when Colorad Springs Planned Parenthood staff couldn't find the IV anesthetic equipment.  Blocked from leaving Ayanna's kid was ripped from her body while she lay wide awake on the table in pain.  Two days later she was rushed to an emergency room because part of the fetus was still in her uterus infecting her blood giving her sepsis.

Is Ayanna's story horrific.  Yep.  But remember, Planned Parenthood exists to protect women, not damage them.  At least that's the myth.

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