35 Indicted Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scam

US public schools are a disgrace.  Taxpayer money thrown down a rat-hole of incompetence and corruption.  Rather than engaging in innovation, hard work, and honesty the Atlanta public schools chose to cheat.

Imagine, the very adults entrusted to imbue kids with knowledge and direction are being indicted today in a massive cheating scandal that carries lessons for the whole country.

Juwanna Guffie refused to cheat when offered the answers. Today she watched as Fulton County prosecutors brought grand jury indictments for the ex-superintendent Beverly Hall, left and three dozen other former administrators, teachers, principals and other culprits.

Hall faces conspiracy, making false statements and theft charges. Largely because bonuses she received were tied to falsified scores. Hall won Superintendent of the Year in 2009 a year before the scandal brok..

Students have been damaged - a group of students who can least afford it - blacks. As these students were sent to higher grade-levels they were not equipped to deal with more complex material and are today flunking out.

The 178 'educators' named in the special investigators' report in 2011 resigned, retired, did not have their contracts renewed or appealed their dismissals and lost.

They got off easy - the kids are doomed to a life of playing catch-up thanks to these despicable characters.