Court Awards White Foster Parents Black Kids

Nearly 150 years has passed since the 13th Amendment freed the slaves.  Still over half the blacks alive today fail to stand on their own.

No.  Blacks are no longer chattel slaves. And yes the majority of blacks are still illiterate, crime-prone, addicted to drugs, on government welfare, government housing, government food stamps, or don't speak English well enough to get decent jobs.

Margaret Sanger took a look at the cycle of poverty and came up with Planned Parenthood abortions - kill the offspring and kill the problem theory.  Today blacks are big customers aborting 55% of their kids.  Still the problems persist.  So infanticide must not be the way..

So what about white parents adopting black kids as a possible way to break the cycle of poverty and ignorance in the black communities?

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled giving white foster parents the right to raise two black toddler sisters. The court denied the black grandparents who have fought for them for three years. The basis is simple. The court says relatives should get first dibbs but not overriding preference in adoptions.

The black infants were born with cocaine in their blood leaving them developmentally disabled. Despite the deficits Steve and Liv Grosser agreed to raise them.

The black grandparents argued that blood and black culture should trump the adoption process. The court disagreed and sided with the Grosser family because they have been raising the kids from birth and are both better able to deal with the birth issues.  The court also established that race is not a recognized criteria for adoption the well being of the kids trumps race.

The Angle predicts a firestorm of bullshit coming from the usual race hustlers Al Shaprton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP. But if educated white parents are willing and allowed to raise black kids possibly one day the cycle of the dysfunctional black culture can be broken.  After all, Obama was raised by whites. It's just an idea, but hey, nothing else is working.

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