Bullet Proof Golf Shirt Debuts In Dubai

A Colombian designer is adding couture to bullet proof clothes. 

Miguel Caballero's line of antiballistic polo shirts weigh a mere 4-pounds and come in a range of stylish colors and collars.

The entry-level shirt can deflect all hand-held weaponry.  But if rifle munitions are in your future then the costs goes up.  The basic shirt can only stop a 9mm slug.

The company, which calls itself the "Armani of bulletproof clothing," says its clothes are solid.

In fact, most of its employees have been shot while wearing the garments - it's part of the orientation process. So the company is looking for new employees all the time.

Though the shirts cost far more than standard deflection vests.  The shirts appeal to wealthy clients who don't want to look like an Israeli border guard when dining or playing 18 at the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai.

The AK-47 is the weapon of choice when it comes to taking out a motorcade, dropping a bodyguard, wiping out the execs on a golf course, or just plain having fun shooting up a company board meeting. But these shirts will not stop the 7.62×39mm round from the ferocious assault rifle.

So if your biggest fear is a neighborhood watchman with a 9mm pistol, then these shirts are for you. Otherwise keep your ass-planted while inside the armor plated Cadillac Escalaide and wait for the 'team' to open the door.

You can  change back into aLands End pima cotton polo shirt when you get back to the palace.

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