Fascinating Freakish Food Facts

Food fetches the best and the worst in people.  The Angle presents for your moody Monday meditation a modicum of morsel-lee meanderings.

Organic Food Buyers Are Self Centered - psychologist Dr Kendall Eskine says such people are often pompous, self-righteous, judgmental, and arrogant. The entire premise of organic foods is based on placing oneself above the mass consumption of 'corporate' farm goods.

Frequent Fast Food Lambastes The Liver - Over 160,000 fast food joints serve 50 million daily. And given the lopsided licks of salt, sugar, deep fried fats, and empty carbos the liver languishes.  In fact, in short order the liver of a fast food freak looks the same as one hammered with hepatitis.

Six Diet Mistakes - The world is ponderously pigging out.  In a decade half the U.S. will be clinically obese.  If a diet is in your future consider the following six myth-driven mistakes.    1. skip breakfast  2. five days of healthy eating makes room for a two-days of pork-rinds  3. diet drinks are safe  4. two tons of healthy food same as one ton  5. avoiding fatty foods sufficient  6. once weight is off it's over.

Life is all about controlling your impulses.  Are you listening organic food fundies, fast food freaks, and diabolical dieters?

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