Chicago Cops Training Manual Racist

Chicago cops are lording over a city in chaos led by a mayor who hails from the Obama school of incompetency.  And unable to stop the most ferocious murder rate since the days of Al Capone.

So why not pile on a charge of racism too. A training academy manual is illustrated with stereotypes of blacks. Among them a picture of comedian Dave Chapelle's junkie alter-ego Tyrone Biggums.

One pictures is of a toofy-grinning black guy handcuffed and adorned in a orange prison jumpsuit. Another arrestee looks like a bug-eyed, slack-jawed crack-head mug shot style.

In short, they show typical Chicago shootahs and perps.

Lake County NAACP president Jennifer Witherspoon is outraged.  She says the material reinforces 'every negative stereotype blacks as a people have been fighting against.'  Maybe swapping the black crack-heads with white middle-class kids would be more helpful to police rookies?  Half of black males are felons or on their way to becoming one but it's racist to acknowledge that.

What's insidious about hobbits like Ms Witherspoon is her impulse to ignore, minimize, or even worse pretend blacks are not the perps doing the crime in Chicago. Witherspoon thinks the message is the problem, not that the problem is the problem.

So, while the race hustlers, race baiters and race gestapo play their game gang-banging blacks escalate their trade and geting hallway passes from the NAACP.