Study: Women Choose Chocolate Over Sex

The Brits are weird.  Want proof?  Look how they answer surveys.

Two-thousand British women were asked about alcohol, chocolate and sex. Most said their lives were so pathetic they would give up sex before boozing and shoving a chocolate bar into their pie-holes.

The ladies also admitted caffeine and swearing would be last to go. Yikes...

The men of course are polar opposite. A man will have sex while and during a fire burning his own house down. Men have their priorities in the correct order of course.

The study babbles about will power and how women have it more than men - blah, blah, blah...

Look ladies, listen up. S E X. Burn it into your minds and bodies. S E X is why we are equipped with oddly different and substantially effective genitalia. The vagina is a complex and elegant instrument of pleasure and function.

Sitting around fattening your ass on chocolate, schlepping sugary cappuccinos and slugging shots of cognac is no way to waste your day. Get with the program, will ya girls...

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