Plus Sized Brazilian Models Crush Runways

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 warned about government censorship and word policing.  Liberals took the book to heart and invented Political Correctness.

So the culture gets a big lick from liberals as they revise, euphemize, and reinvent that which offends them.

A few sanitized samples?  Undocumented worker for illegal alien, plus sized for fat people, living wage for union extortion, unwanted pregnancy for abortion, likely suspects becomes racial profiling,  race hustler becomes community organizer, gang banger becomes disenfranchised youth, gay debauchery becomes pride parade, any legal gun becomes assault weapon, socialized medicine becomes universal healthcare, Palestinian rockets become Israeli aggression, prostitute becomes sex worker, pilgrims become illegal aliens, and finally the Obama twist, spending equals savings.

Brazil is a province prolific with narcissistic nihilism. Contrast the taught, tizzled, titan titted, and tanned teens strolling the sands of Kokomo's beaches with the cellulite messes crushing the haute couture runways in Sao Paolo this week.

In liberal double-speak fat is the new thin.  So the diabetic set get to trot out in public pretending to be okay. Don't get caught being repulsed.  Remember the confab cops are on patrol..

It's not a new world folks.  Lies are lies no matter how many words you replace.