Detroit Woman 'dances behind' Cop Shot Dead

Message therapist Adaisha Miller made two mistakes on her 25th birthday.

First, she crashed the party of an off-duty Detroit cop looking for fun in the wrong place.  And second, she bear hugged the cop triggering a bullet from his service revolver(Update: Police say Adaisha was performing an 'exotic dance' that placed her in the line of fire for the holstered gun).  The shot pierced her lung and heart - bang she's dead!

The married officer says Adaisha was a stranger.   Detroit police say it's a tragic incident 'a fluke accidental shooting.'

Adaisha's mom is pissed and looking for a fall guy. '...they want to call it a freak accident or mistake in judgment, it should have never happened to my child, and there's nothing I can do to get her back, why do you need a weapon with a round in the chamber?' mother Yolanda McNair whined to local media.

Well does mom have a point?  No.  Adaisha was solely responsible for what happened to her.  And you can bet this cop was a black guy otherwise Sharpton and Jackson would've set-up their podium on mom's lawn.

Detroit is officially the nation's most miserable city.

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