Whole Foods Removes Chicken Obama Sign

Here we go again, folks.

A Whole Foods market in NYC has taken down a pop-art styled hand-chalked sign depicting Obama with a comic bubble and a piece of chicken near his mouth. A 'customer' called it a racial slur.

A Whole Foods spokesman said that their artists often use pop culture imagery to promote sales across all their stores and this was no different.

A racial slur isn't a mysterious thing. There are whole dictionaries documenting the offensive verbiage. But in the age of Obama anything, everything, mainly childish things now qualify as race tainted.

Obama set the tone in 2008 challenging the country to stick his face on the currency.  Now the race lunatics are running the asylum.

What's the real point?  Anyone not black or Hispanic is born guilty of racism, sorta like original sin?  If you're white ya gotta carry that cross man and when told to bend over make sure to find out how far and how long.

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