Dead Cat Helicopter First Flight

What good is a dead cat?.  How about turning one into a helicopter.

When Bart Jansen's cat 'Orville' got nailed by a car all nine lives were crushed in an instant. But Bart didn't want Orville's short life to be in vain so he flattened and stuffed the dead pet.

Next Bart contacted radio control helicopter flyer guy Arjen Beltman.  Arjen built specially-designed motors and rotor blades and attached them at all four corners of the furry saucer-shaped Orville.

Dubbed the Orvillecopter Bart 'flies' the cat at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam. Orville hovers eerily and wide-eyed. Bart wants to put larger motors on the flying feline to scare the begeezus out of birdlife.

What better way to disguise a Predator Drone than to place one inside a Great Dane? Or possibly a dead horse? The sudden potential is endless.  Dead pet warfighters - the ultimate in pet-stealth technology.