Mom Saves Dad As Drunk Driver Jumps Sidewalk

Teresa Marquard met her husband when she was just fourteen. Albert Marquard was the only man she ever wanted and their fourty-two year marriage was a testament to that devotion.

While on their regular Sunday walk down the same tree lined street near their house Teresa sacrificed her life to save Albert's.

Teresa heard the swerving SUV as it jumped onto the sidewalk, tires screeching toward them. Without hesitation she pushed Albert to the street just as 33-year-old Eric Luciano plowed into her and then into a tree. He was drunk.

'She saved my dad,' Teresa's daughter Denise Hirschman said tearfully, 'She pushed my dad out of the way.'

Family and friends remember Teresa as the same loving, selfless, sturdy person who died to save her spouse.

The drunk driver's brother says the driver Luciano is an honest working man who was just part of a 'freak accident.' Luciano is fighting for his life in a nearby hospital.

If Luciano was drunk then this was no 'freak' accident. This was a gruesome, irresponsible, despicable, premeditated act of cowardice. And Luciano should do some serious jail time and be stripped of his driving privilege for life.