Women Want Talk Men Want Whoopee

Shocking.  Yet another study 'discovers' what men and women have known since Homo Erectus first stood upright and left Africa.

David Wilkins of the Men's Health Forum is a laugh.

Wilkins characterizes men as emotional wrecks unable to cope with relationships. And posits women as the 'mature and evolved' gender struggling to get their neanderthals to stop trying to solve problems with their dicks rather than use their bigger heads.

When it comes to solving relationship problems, according to Wilkins, women say talk is paramount.  Men disagree, says Davee, they'll drop the 'para' in the discussion and just keep the 'mount' part..

What a load of hogwash!

Wilkins must be gay. How else could a guy get it so wrong? It takes a healthy dose of female estrogen coursing through an addled brain to dump broken relationships on one gender or the other using stark stereotypes.

The real truth is if a relationship is in trouble neither talk nor sex are working. Women need sex just as much as men, and men need to talk just as much as women.  There is no 'mystery' when a relationship goes bad, but there are plenty of reasons broken relationships defy repair.

Dave is selling magazines not exploring solutions.  If people want to fix their relationship they need to start with themselves, each person has responsibility to bring sanity to their pairing, and that is not gender related!