iPhone Urine Analysis One Piss Away

Why companies are rushing to pair the toilet with Apple products is a mystery.  Remember the  iPad potty stand for toddlers?.  So why not expect an iPhone that checks your pee and poop directly...

'Everybody pees, and everybody carries a cellphone, we figured we had to be able to do something with this,' said Myshkin Ingawale, a co-founder Biosense Technologies.

The iPhone app sends a picture (no, you don't pee on your phone) of a 'dipstick' of chemical pads the pee-er pees on.  Sometime later  a medical pro reads your pee-leaves and makes a diagnosis.

Ingawale did a live demonstration in a California trade show snapping a picture of his personal pee stick. Ingawale revealed the company had rejected the idea of calling the product iPee. Instead the golden shower product has been dubbed iChek.

Ingawale kept talking during the tawdry display summing up the whole history of piss analysis, 'From aromatic interpretations (sniff test) to lab testing to do-it-yourself kits to now mobile apps, urine analysis has come a long way.'

Swell.  Why not skip the gadget part and demand Apple make an iToilet instead.