Chocolate Toothpaste Triumphs

Milk chocolate is not really chocolate.  Adding milk and sugar to anything will destroy teeth by feeding bacteria which then devour your teeth and gums like an unstoppable rebel force.

Raw chocolate comes from cocoa beans.  Now you're talking bitter, dirt flavored, nearly black, nasty smelling, hemp-like health food, baby.

Theodent toothpaste contains stiff doses of theobromine first found to strengthen tooth enamel by Tetsu Nakamoto in the 1980s. Theobromine replaces flouride. Flouride acts in a similar way but most now know the radioactive substance is toxic when used over a lifetime.

So guess who has Theodent on store shelves? Whole Foods.  It's not cheap - a single tube is $10 retail.

The Angle is not endorsing products, but when it comes to teeth anything good has to be touted and tried. And this product sure sounds bad enough to be good, doesn't it?

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