School Teachers Issued Panic Buttons

Wolves dine on defenseless sheep. Like a flock of sheep, liberals are proudly unarmed.

Bringing a 'gun free zone' sign or a 'panic button' to a gun fight is absurd, of course, but consistent with how liberal's brain-dead logic works.

Marietta, GA Public Schools are placing 'panic buttons' around teachers necks. Their 'solution' to Sandy Hook and Columbine. When pushed the button calls 911. Oh joy free at last!

What's wrong? The cops got thirty panic button calls when the first shot rang out, or was that a car backfiring in the street?  Bad guys know they'ill find sheep - the 'gun free zone' sign marks the flock.   Five minutes after the first shell casing hits the hallway floor the killer runs out of ammo.  The cops needed fifteen minutes to get there.  Ah, ignore that - they had panic buttons and it felt good.  At least up to the point the shootah showed up..

Liberals are fastidiously foolish. Creating 'comfort' solutions is enough for them. Is it enough for you?

The only way to defend yourself in a gun fight is with a gun. But that is an inconvenient truth for liberals, so they will keep your kid in danger to satisfy their dysfunctional impulses. Liberals are sheep, not shepherds. They'll never evolve a way to defend against the wolves - sheep never have.