Texas School Brainwashing Kids On Islam

Get ready to get angry.

School principal John Valastro at Texas Lumberton High School (the grinning goon left) is defending contentious conduct by one of his teaching staff today.

Students in a geography class were told to dress in Islamic clothing and directed to refer to 9/11 hijacker terrorists as ‘freedom fighters.’ Students were also admonished to not refer to the Holocaust as a genocide and instead use the euphemism 'ethnic cleansing.'

Valastro says the teacher was not trying to radicalize the kids, instead was simply following state teaching guidelines. Texas state teaching guidelines dictate student brainwashing and word-policing?

Valastro digs in deeper, 'We might see it as terrorism, but from the Islamic side they might call it jihadist or freedom fighter.' Hey John, MOVE TO EGYPT. No one here cares about jihadist 'feelings' you idiot.

Parents are correctly outraged. One said, 'It scares me. I feel like our school is being infiltrated. How can this not be a sign? We’re talking about Lumberton, Texas. We’re talking about a small town with Christian churches on every street corner. Right in our small school this is going on.'

Lumberton better get their rears in gear and show Valastro the door before he straps on a bomb himself and brings it to show-and-tell.  How the hell are limp dicks like Valastro getting into our schools anyway?

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