The Worst Serial Killer In Los Angeles

Humans are the only animal species that kill for sport or sexual thrill and not strictly for food.

Ironically, serial killers achieve immortality by killing as many people as they can.  But we rubber-neckers give them their infamy.  We nickname and revisit their dastardly deeds.

Meet the 'Grim Sleeper' Lonnie Franklin Jr. suspect in over 250 murders in Los Angeles between 1985 and 2007.  Lonnie, 60, was arrested by fluke.  The killer's son was charged with a weapons possession. The gun in question linked to one of the murders and to Lonnie's DNA.

Lonnie faces the death penalty in California. Since capital punishment was made law in 1872 the state has executed just 27. 

By contrast Texas has executed just under 1300 since 1819.

Are there fewer killers in California than in Texas, no.

The lesson is simple.  If you are gonna kill someone, do it in California.  California will keep your butt in beans rather than bag, tagged and in a box.  In Texas the appeals process is twice as fast and a hundred times more just.  Gotta love Texans they know what to do with human refuse.