Ann Coulter: Lawrence O’Donnell ‘a complete pussy’

Bankrupt MSNBC employs left-wing on-air 'pussies' like Chris Mathews and Lawrence O'Donnel.  And Ann Coulter is just the woman to go after them.

Coulter is a reincarnation of the bawdy Mae West sans 200 pounds.  Both armed with above average IQ and both as direct as wooden stake thru a vampires heart.

Coulter's comment relates to a bit of history 'twixt she and 'Larry'.  The issue this time over Todd Akin's imbecilic rape gaffe.

“Why does Ann Coulter call Todd Akin ‘a selfish swine?’” O’Donnell rhetorically wonders.

“Because Todd Akin’s bat-crap crazy ideas on rape are going to make it so much harder for Republicans to win control of the Senate...", O'Donnell happily answers.

Well that may be true, but Coulter asks out loud why O'Donnell always refers to Coulter at a distance playing clips of her guesting on other shows. And never brings her on his own show to carry her own water.   Well Ann's suspicion smells right. O'Donnel is afraid of Coulter.

Back in March, the two faced off in a one-on-one debate at George Washington University near D.C. Coulter referred O’Donnell to Juanita Broaddrick, who accused President Bill Clinton of raping her in the 1970s.  Apparently Larry needed his memory refreshed regarding 'forcible rape' and former Dem presidents.

But does Coulter have a point about O'Donnell? Should Lawrence (notice he likes to be called Lawrence and not Larry which is also a tip-off) be doing an underwear check to verify which team he is playing on? Anderson Cooper took off  his boxers, maybe Lawrence wants or needs to share?

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