Black Student Tasered During Race Rage

The video went viral. Why? Rage, pure, raw, race-ridden, stinging, violent, spitting, blood-soaked rage. No other motive. No acceptable excuse.

Jonatha Carr suddenly started yelling at the professor. Jutting fingers in the air, throwing her head back and forth, spewing profanity, dolting death threats, and eventually slapping a fellow 'white' student across the face.

Professor Stephen Kajiura was describing peacock feathers. Carr started to scream at Kajiura, 'How does evolution kill black people?' Kajiura oddly tried to answer her rhetorical statement explaining that evolution does not 'kill' people.

Carr then threatened 'I will kill the fuck out of you - I hate evolution.'. As Carr stormed through the classroom, the video shows several other black classmates grinning, snickering, but not goading her.

The tirade went on for about five minutes when a school employee entered and demanded Carr leave the classroom.  Carr instead lunged at the much larger male employee. Police arrived, and Carr was tasered and carted off to a hospital for evaluation.

She will no doubt sue the school.

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