3-D Tee-Shirts Scaring Kids And Old People

Michael McGloin over at TheMountain.com is scaring the beegeezus out of kids and old ladies.

Silk screened tee-shirts have been around since under shirts became outer shirts.  Short of hanging a plasma TV on your man-boobs these 3-D renderings will make the unsuspecting passer-by pee a little pee-trail down a leg unless properly prepared

The company started with dogs, then branched out into hairless cats (left) and sordid other strange and exotic species.

The collection is growing.  Almost all the angry mammals are possibilities.  The real fear is spiders and snakes.

Imagine a casual stroll in a public park interrupted by a chest sized 3-D black widow spider so close you start to mutter the Lords Prayer without hesitation?.

This company is hell-bent on the in-your-face tee-shirt concept and no doubt there will be more than enough customers fully willing to put these things on even at the risk of dropping an unsuspecting octogenarian just out feeding the pigeons one day.

Get the picture?