Women Want Hairless Pectoralis Majors

Hairy chested males will mate last or not at all - women want a hairless babies butt between those pectoralis majors.

Some 161 Turkish and 183 Slovakian women asked to rate hairy and hairless chests. Just 20% of the females preferred the furry field.

Science wants to know why humans are so skin-borne.  Resisting  the chicken-egg postulate - science is clueless on the origin.

If women are 'selecting' the barren-hair group  then by extension women are making the species go bald.   The 'ectoparasite avoidance hypothesis' is science-speak for women associate hair with lice..

Theories abound and exceptions plentiful.  What about hairy backs, beards, pits and butts?   Surely science is aware of the pubic regions  Well, too much information is just as bad as too little.