Women Want 8-Inches Or More

Psychologist Gert Stulp in the Netherlands asked 50,000 people about their height.  Gert says men want to be 6'-3" and women want to be 5'-9".

People want something they can't have?  Okay. Everyone agreed men need to be taller than women.

And we can control the mating ritual so when it comes to height women want more - much more.  The ladies told Gert they need at least an 8 inch spread.  Men are fine with 3 inches.

There's something both comical and repulsive about a stumpy little guy hooked up to a towering female.  In fact it's perverse. The anomaly is unnatural and should be ridiculed, possibly even outlawed.

Remember, domineering moms make serial killers.  So let's stipulate to stomp-out such couplings before they fester.  You know, for the greater good and stuff.

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