Britain's Worst Serial Killer

Amelia Dyer a 19th century toad in Britain strangled over 400 infants.

Killing kids isn't even a crime in Britain or the U.S. now. The impetus behind legalized abortion began with the Eugenics movement birthed by Sir Francis Galton in 1883.  Frothy 'progressives' George Bernard Shaw and Margret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) were staunch advocates.

New York's Andrew Cuomo's is on a night-ride to open-up abortion in all forms, at any time, by anyone and funded with taxpayer cash. Smells like Amelia, huh?

So why did Britain hang Amelia Dyer?  She was 120 years ahead of her time.

Dubbed the 'Angel Maker' Ms. Dyer began her tawdry trade running a boarding house for unwed moms.  Suffocating kids over a 10-year period she was eventually charged with 'child neglect.'  She used the time to ponder how to turn her kid killing up a notch.

After release Amelia changed her 'business model' from boarding the mothers to facilitating adoption instead.  She was buried with business taking in up to six kids a day and killing them just as quickly.   By age 58 Amelia was in custody - one of the infant bodies was found in a bog near the river Thames with her address pinned to a diaper.

After 50 bodies were pulled from the river she admitted to police: 'You'll know all mine by the tape around their necks.'