Gay Rocker Morrissey Blames War On Men

Morrissey was an obscure frontman for an even more obscure British punk band called the Smiths.  The band was big in the '80s and anyone over the age of fifty couldn't tell you a single tune the band made.

Steven Patrick Morrissey is also gay.  And he has a big mouth.  And just enough money and five-minutes-of-fame to get quoted in the press when he says something 'gay.' 

Morrissey fancies himself a philosopher among other things.  Belting out senseless rock tunes made him expert on the roots and causes of war.   Today he proclaimed all war is the result of 'heterosexual hobby.'

You read it right - and now we know.  War is about straight men expressing their sexual preferences by killing each other on a battlefield. ‘If more men were homosexual, there would be no wars, because homosexual men would never kill other men, whereas heterosexual men love killing other men...,' Morrissey proclaims.

Obviously Morrissey has been swallowing too much man juice.  He must not have gotten the memo on Alexander The Great likely the most prolific war maker in history - and famously light in the sandals.  And why did Hitler wait 'till five minutes before the Russians showed up to get married?

But hey, the guy is getting old so let him steal a few batteries once in a while.  What's the harm...

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